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What Is Included In A Bathroom Suite?

What Is A Bathroom Suite?

A bathroom suite is made up of a toilet, washbasin, taps, a bath, and a shower. This can vary however, sometimes the shower is freestanding and there may not be a bath present. Other times, it may be a bath with a shower attached. It all depends on what you, the buyer, want and require. 

In some cases, a bathroom suite may include accessories such as towel racks or other handy extras. A full luxury bathroom suite will have all the things you need from a bathroom including a roomy layout. 

Smaller bathroom suites will just focus on the essentials such as a toilet and a washbasin. These can be found in smaller homes or if a suite has been added to a spare bedroom. When going for a new bathroom, consider exactly what bathroom suite you want and what features it’s going to be made up of. 

Key Differences Between A Bathroom & A Bathroom Suite

A traditional bathroom is a room that is intended to use the toilet and take a bath or shower. This can be found in most older-style homes where no renovations have taken place. It’s part of the original layout of most homes. 

A bathroom suite is usually attached to a bedroom for convenient access and a luxury feel. This is displayed predominantly in newly built homes or larger homes and is also referred to as ensuite. This option is commonly sought after when booking holiday homes as it gives a more luxurious feel to your accommodation. 

If a bathroom suite is appealing, you can uplift your current bathroom to a suite by contacting a local specialist.

luxury bathroom suite

Why Should You Consider Uplifting Your Current Bathroom?

If you are unable to complete plumbing work on your own or don’t fancy uplifting your old bathroom, you’re not alone. Most of us are either busy with our day-to-day lives and generally only think about modernising briefly. 

Our team at Top Bathrooms has a ton of experience when it comes to plumbing work and bathroom installations overall. We will be able to remove your old bathroom suite entirely and install your new one. All the work carried out by Top Bathrooms is carried out by our highly trained team, guaranteeing your peace of mind. 

We can speak with you about what requirements you have for your bathroom suite. After this is done, we’ll let you know if it’s achievable as well as the costs involved. All the space will be utilised to ensure your new suite looks amazing. 

Once the design is complete, our team will remove your old suite and get to work fitting your new bathroom. At Top Bathrooms, we have been designing bathrooms since 1997 so expertise is not in short supply.


It’s a big decision to change your bathroom. If yours is looking a bit run down. it might be time for a refresh and modernisation. Consult with an expert at Top Bathrooms on 01525 403829 and see what our team can offer your home renovation.