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What Is Included in A Bathroom Suite?

The bathroom suite is something that takes up a considerable amount of space in your home. But what exactly is it made up of? Let’s explore what is included in the bathroom suite and how much you can expect to pay for one.

What Does Your Average Bathroom Suite Include?

The bathroom suite will include everything you need, and they are generally laid out in a spacious design.

There isn’t just one version of a bathroom suite either, you can obtain a 4-piece bathroom suite or a 5-piece bathroom suite. 

4 Piece Bathroom Suite

The 4-piece bathroom suite comes with:

● Pedestal

● Cistern

● Toilet pan

● Basin

This is the most common style of bathroom suite and is regularly attached to a bedroom to allow for convenient access. 

5 Piece Bathroom Suite

  • Pedestal
  • Cistern
  • Toilet pan
  • Basin
  • Bathroom

A 5-piece bathroom suite is nearly identical to a 4-piece suite. However, it will usually come with a bathtub. These can be found in master bathrooms for convenience and function as the main bathroom. 

The Average Cost Of A Bathroom Suite

If you are looking into a new bathroom, you should consider the cost of bathroom designers and all the bathroom features. Let’s take a look at the average cost of a bathroom suite.

If we are looking at an average cost, you can expect to pay anywhere from £1900 to upwards of £7000 depending on the size, labour costs, and removal charges. However, the cost varies depending on what you want to install in your bathroom suite.

Additional Features

Anything additional will not be included in this price, such as specific designs, underfloor heating, and additional planning requirements. Bathroom suites aren’t one size fits all, so you must consult with your bathroom designer to make sure you get the right fit for you and your home.


It’s important to know that charges will differ depending on the area you live in. If you are in London, you can expect to pay more for a tradesman, for example.

It’s wise to consider everything you need from your bathroom before making your purchase. For example, if you feel that you need a bathtub, ensure that this is factored into your overall cost. Having to manually add things, later on, can be more costly.

A bathroom designer, also known as a fitter, will generally look to charge from £150-£250 per day. However, this will vary too depending on the work being completed.

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