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Top Tips For Designing Bathroom Suites

Having a great bathroom is essential to your well-being and home life. It’s the room that gets you up and going in the morning, but equally, allows you to relax after a long day.

Giving your bathroom a makeover can be really exciting as you browse through Pinterest, however, actually creating your new look can also be quite daunting and if you don’t get it exactly right, you’re going to feel disappointed.

To make sure your dream bathroom is installed exactly how you pictured it, you need to create a detailed plan.

Designing A Bathroom 

  1. Put Functionality First

Think about what you use your bathroom for. If you have multiple bathrooms, it might only be certain members of the family that use your bathroom. Is it a relaxing candle-lit bath that you’re looking for? Or do you need a space to wake up in the morning with a quick refreshing shower?

  1. Select The Right Flooring

Flooring needs to be comfortable to walk on and easy to clean, so you’ll want to avoid carpets or rugs as the material will likely become mouldy because of the humidity in a bathroom. Laminate or wooden flooring looks great; however, the damp will likely warp the floor after a while, meaning your floor might end up misshapen.

Vinyl flooring is easy to clean, however, it too can become mouldy if it’s faced with a damp atmosphere and there may be issues with it coming away from the floorboards. Tiles are always your best option for a bathroom suite design. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and come in hundreds of different designs and colours that suit any style. You could even mix it up with different shaped tiles and coloured grouting.

You’ll also need to consider whether underfloor heating is right for you. A warm bathroom floor is a perfect way to wake you up on a cold Monday morning.

  1. Use All Of The Space

Designer bathrooms look incredible with a standalone bath as a centrepiece. However, if you have a relatively small bathroom, then having a giant bath isn’t going to be practical and it’ll make your bathroom look tiny. Make sure you plan to use your space practically – don’t get carried away with ideas that won’t work for you.

  1. Choose Lighting Carefully

Lighting in any room is important. It’s what transforms the style and appearance of your bathroom. However, your bathroom design requires some extra thinking when it comes to lights. You can’t have long, dangly light fittings for safety reasons, but you’ll also need to consider that your bathroom is going to have some mirrors as well, so position the light correctly with mirrors to prevent glare.

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  1. Storage Matters

Bathrooms shouldn’t look cluttered. However, you’ll probably have countless shampoo bottles and soaps to store away. Integrated storage is an excellent idea in a bathroom, so make sure you have enough space in your bathroom to keep the sides clear.

Hiring A Professional Bathroom Designer

While you have that perfect picture of your dream bathroom in your mind, actually making that a reality can be tricky.

The solution? Hire a professional bathroom designer to help you pull your ideas together. Your bathroom space has potential; however, most amateurs tend to play it safe for fear of ruining the space, meaning that the dream never comes true, or they build up hundreds of out-there ideas and try to do them all, meaning the space becomes crowded, cluttered and ultimately doesn’t achieve the goal.

A professional designer will get your thoughts together, measure your space accurately, consider your storage, and ultimately, provide you with the most stylish and functional option. You’ll also save money and time in the long run as you’ll get the whole job right the first time. There won’t be any need to rework any taps that didn’t look quite right or change incorrectly measured cupboard doors. 

To find out more about how Top Bathrooms can help you create the bathroom of your dreams, get in touch today.