Modern Bathroom

Top bathroom trends for 2022

Although bathrooms aren’t as Instagramable as other rooms in the home, they’re a room that you and all of your guests will use on a regular basis, so they need to be modern and have a fresh new look. Your bathroom could still hold your best décor of the whole house. So, what’s in for 2022?

For 2022, the ‘in thing’ is to be light and airy with an element of nature blended in.

Marbling with Plenty of Plants

White marble on the walls, sinks or even the bath, adds an element of luxury, especially when combined with golden taps and a claw footed bath.

Adding a few trailing plants around the place will also help to brighten everything up and take away some of the clinical feel that the white tiles add.

Spa Touches

If you think white would require more frequent cleaning, try a navy blue and white combination with a spa feel.

Adding some spa products – sponges, face masks, bath soaks and a few candles, could help you give a luxury feel to a more ordinary bathroom.

Be Bold

If you’re feeling particularly bold, then go against the grain and choose a dark colour.

Dark greys or even black colour combos are in this year. Combine dark walls with copper or bronze furnishings to give a clean feel without the clinical aspect. It shows a real statement and you’re guaranteed to get a ‘wow’ reaction.

Add in the element of nature again with some plants (fake if you like) to uplift the mood. Mirrors also help to add some light to a darkened room.

Tips to give your bathroom an inexpensive facelift

If you’re looking to decorate on a budget, then there’s no need to spend huge amounts of cash to get the right look. Try out some of these money saving tips that give you a similar look, without spending the money.

Wood Not Tile

It’s a misconception that all bathroom floors need to be tiled. These days, wooden and laminate floorings offer waterproof options which are much cheaper than tile. They’re also much warmer on the feet, so if you were previously going to opt for under floor heating, you can scrap this with laminate and a good underlay.

If you buy good quality laminate, it’s likely to be half the price of tile and last the same amount of time. 


Tiles don’t necessarily need to be on the wall either. Sure, it’s a good idea in high traffic areas where water is likely to be splashed – such as around the taps. However, the rest of the walls can be painted with waterproof paint. This saves you time and hassle and a lots of money too. Plus, it gives you more options for contrasting colours.


Lighting and mirrors are the main things that really give your bathroom the wow factor. Place mirrors opposite windows and ensure there are no dark corners in your bathroom. The lighter it is and the more mirrors you have, the larger your bathroom will feel, with not much extra cost added.

Go all out – redesign your bathroom to be on trend

As with every room, there are certain safe options and others that simply make you look dull. If you’re planning to sell your house in the future, you’re actually better off going all-out with a design.

Your commitment to an eye-catching design could actually help you to sell faster and will make your viewing a memorable experience – ‘remember that house with the amazing bathroom?’

While grey is in, you should contrast this with a brighter colour, such as green or yellow, to help your features stand out. Don’t go white. As white is the colour of most bathrooms, there’s nothing to attract new buyers. They’re moving from their own home to find something different, so don’t give them exactly the same bathroom that they see each day.

If you’d like to discuss the options for a new bathroom design, or upgrade your current bathroom with new furniture, then contact us today for a free quote, we’d be happy to help.