grey marble bathroom

Tips For Styling Grey Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a great way of expressing yourself in a unique and adventurous way. Grey is quickly becoming the new fashionable colour, see what you can do with these new bathroom top tips to have a beautifully designed bathroom.

Bathroom Styling Tips

  1. Paint your walls grey for an atmosphere which promotes calming sensations so you can start your day in a relaxed and sophisticated manner. Capturing the right amount of light amongst your walls can have a big impact on how you start your day.


  1. Installing a new freestanding bathtub allows for your bathroom to look spacious, while maintaining a high-class look you will be able to show off. Show off your progressive mind by choosing a darker colour to bring it out of the background.


  1. Grey can look great when contrasted with a different gradient such as black and white, this will help to improve the aesthetic appeal of the room. Highlight features such as sinks by giving them a dramatic colour change.


  1. Stay away from traditional bathroom tiling and opt for a slate finish for your walls. This will give your bathroom a modern look while still maintaining practicality and true bathroom aesthetic.

modern coloured bathroom suite with ornate tile floor and avocado green wood sink cabinets

  1. Compliment the walls with accessories containing a bright colour, this will draw attention and provide a sense of warming to otherwise colder colour schemes.


  1. Include glossy materials to promote a style change to your bathroom space. This material also comes with the added benefit of being easy to clean with a simple wipe. Consider using this with your bathroom tiles or sinks and baths.


  1. Wood can help to push a vintage look and can look great against grey backgrounds. Include it within your cabinet or sink set-up to allow for the room to benefit from an appealing look which will inspire others.


  1. The sink basin, often forgotten but a highlight of every bathroom can have a dramatic impact on the room. Marble can provide a luxurious feel while also maintaining a dark colour scheme. There are many new shapes and gradients you can pick from to add a personal touch.


  1. One often forgotten feature of room space is the lighting. Choosing a bulb temperature which casts light softly against the walls. This will help transform your bathroom feel. Consider dimming bulbs to make your mornings less intense against your waking eyes.

High Tech Bathroom

  1. Exposed brick can make your bathroom look urban. Against a grey colour scheme, it can give a powerful trendsetting style you’re sure to love.


  1. Why not use glass directly connected to the walls and floors to compliment the background. It can be used to avoid blocking out parts of your design choices otherwise lost.


  1. Make it your own! Here a Top Bathrooms we provide an excellent bathroom design service to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. 


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