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The best shower heads for low pressure systems

Having a good shower head is the key to a great shower experience, and for those with low pressure systems changing to a more powerful fitting can be a real game changer.

So, we’re put together a list of some of the best shower heads that we can recommend or have fitted for customers, so you can choose the perfect shower head for your bathroom first time round!

Vado Atmosphere Air-Injected 200mm Shower Head

This shower head is built with air-injected technology and is cleverly crafted to reduce water waste while increasing water pressure. It has a 12-year guarantee, looks fantastic and performs at an incredible level – it’s truly a high-quality product, and you get every bit of value you pay for.

Hansgrohe Raindance Select E 120 Hand-Held Shower Head

This shower head offers everything you could ever wish for when it comes to customising your water pressure, with three different pressure settings available to switch between at your leisure. Both beautiful and functional, this hand-held shower head can be whatever you want it to be and includes a ‘quick clean’ system that makes removing limescale a doddle.


Pile of shower heads

2.0 LPM Niagara Chrome Handheld Massage

Economical, high quality and not too hard on the wallet at all, this design has also been crafted to minimise water wastage. With a further bonus of a 10-year guarantee, this shower head is just a seriously good choice and seriously good value for money, reducing your water use and increasing water pressure too. You can’t go wrong.

Ecocamel Jetstorm E

This show head is the perfect choice for low pressure systems operating electrical showers, and does a fantastic job despite its tiny price tag. Reviewers online have stated that this shower head has taken their pressure from a trickle to a torrent, and like many of the others in this list, not only increases pressure, but reduces water usage too.

Housler Super Low Water Pressure Boosting Shower Head

Specifically designed for low pressure systems to help homeowners maximise their shower power, this sleek fitting provides a significantly improved flow whilst adding to the design of your bathroom. Turning wishy-washy dribbles into excellent, pleasant jets, reviewers also favoured this shower head well and would recommend the investment for a better shower experience.

We hope you found this article helpful, and if you need more information on our shower fitting services, please visit this page.