Old bathroom

Signs You Need to Renovate Your Bathroom

We all like to keep our house looking modern. Whether this is to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful design or to minimise the costs of more frequent repairs that come with older appliances. Like any room in your house, your bathroom has a lifespan.  This may only be around ten years, after which time the facilities will have been subject to extreme wear and tear, not to mention beginning to look dated. When you start to notice that the bathroom is beginning to look a bit tired, it’s time to have a revamp!

It Looks Dated –

You might not think that bathroom trends are the most quickly evolving areas of interior design. This is true, but at the same time, homeowners tend to favour a clean, slick design in their bathrooms and colourful tiles and other interior design relics can easily start to look old-fashioned and date your house considerably. The bathroom is possibly the most heavily used room in the household on a daily basis, so give it the TLC it deserves and renovate for a modern, sleek design.

Constantly Fixing Issues –  

Another symptom of heavy use can be that problems with the upkeep and plumbing arise more frequently. This can be a huge expense over the years if left alone, so modernising your bathroom can be a great investment to prevent those untimely plumbing issues or damages that incur huge expenses. With appliances installed by a certified professional who you can trust, the worries over something going wrong are removed and replaced by appliances you can rely on. One full revamp can save you endless costs of smaller repairs and updates.

Change in Use –

Families are dynamic and a plethora of different changes can present the need to modernise, upscale, or downsize your living arrangements. In terms of the bathroom, many people would choose to get a bath upon the arrival of a new baby into the family, an essential for their bedtime routine. Similarly, when children grow up and move out, you might want to change the size or layout of your bathroom accordingly. Maybe the abilities of the people living there have also changed, so a more accessible bathroom might be required. 

Bad Layout –

Some old-fashioned bathrooms tend to be awkward in layout and lack effective storage space. Nowadays there are many useful installations that can help you utilise even the smallest bathrooms to make room for all your things and have enough space remaining for a sleek design. You shouldn’t have to work around an awkward layout or the wrong sized bathtub, you can have a bathroom that is designed to maximise the space.

Whatever the reason for you needing or wanting a bathroom renovation, we can help. Please get in touch to get a quote.