Grey Modern bathroom tiles designs

Modern Bathroom? Here are 6 Bathroom Tile Ideas for You

Are you struggling for
bathroom tile ideas? It can be a daunting task when it comes to choosing the right style, colour and pattern of tile you want in your bathroom. Well no worries, we are here to help. Continue reading if you wish to find out how each tile can benefit you and your home.

Why tiles can be so great for the bathroom

First things first, tiles are incredibly hygienic. Cleaning has never been so painless. Simply grab an antibacterial spray or wipe and watch the dirt disappear. It’s that easy!

A good bathroom tile will never let water and moisture in, so your supporting structures on the walls will always be securely fastened. The majority of tiles are poreless meaning you don’t need to worry about bacteria hiding in the surface of your bathroom tiles. Tiles are extremely durable and reliable, so there’s no need to worry about them replacing them any time soon.


Modern bathroom tiles designs

Tile ideas for your bathroom

Minimise the grout lines between tiles

Most people believe that small tiles work best in smaller bathrooms, but this actually gives the opposite effect you wish to achieve. The best thing for a modern but small bathroom is a larger sized tile but with smaller grout lines. Wide tiles in fewer joints, therefore, show up fewer grout lines so the room feels less cluttered and a lot bigger.

Be bold

Be brave and go all out with the luxurious modern chevron patterned tiles. This can make the room feel considerably larger. You could even run these tiles all the way through the bathroom, even the floor to give it that wider and taller space. These tiles look spectacular in grey, providing your bathroom with a modern, fresh style.

Drop in some diagonal

Be funky and bold with ideas of adding some coloured diagonal tiles through white or grey tiles. this can look really creative and help make the bathroom feel more spacious. You would angle the grout lines diagonally, going from one corner of the room to another. This also encourages the eye to move along the surface and see the larger space.

Going up!

A very efficient and clever way to make a bathroom with a low ceiling seem that little bit taller is to add in rectangular tiles stacked on top of one another, to pull the eye from the floor up to the ceiling. This design looks really great with a bold coloured tile and a plain white wall in sections.

Patterns patterns patterns

A patterned tile has become very popular in recent years, filling bathrooms across the nation. Their popularity is mainly down to the style and aesthetics of the tiles, creating that modern, fresh atmosphere. Although, if the pattern is too busy in a small bathroom, it may make the bathroom appear cramped. Using tiles in smaller sections, or use tiles as the background of shelves with a glass shelf this looks really beautiful. Geometric tiles look really great on the floor and can make your space feel spacious.

Reflect the light

Create an impression of space by using tiles that reflect the light. You could go for a standard grey or white tile, they’re at reflecting the light. A glossy dappled finish to the tile can add texture as well as serving its main purpose of reflecting the light when it hits them. Flood your bathroom with natural light.

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