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How to Maximise Space in Your Bathroom?

Want To Improve Your Bathroom?

Your bathroom is likely to be one of the most-used spaces in your home. However, it is also likely to be one of the smallest! Therefore, it can often be a struggle to put a perfect design together that complements your style and your personality. What’s more, you’re going to need help from bathroom installers to help make things more functional and practical for you and your family.

But what are some ideas that bathroom installers recommend? Here are a few places to start:

Get Smart with Showers

A great way to instantly free up space is to consider moving from a bath to a shower. How often do you actually use your bathtub? If it’s a once in a blue moon, consider throwing in a walk-in shower or creating a wet room space.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are fantastic for a wide variety of space-creating purposes. They really do help to make a room look bigger! Therefore, the bigger the mirror, the wider a bathroom is going to look. This idea probably won’t help to actually increase the space in your room, but what it will do is help to make things look grander by design.

Tuck Storage Away

A fantastic way to really maximise storage potential is to hide it away. Use flush cabinets and racks instead of bulky units and shelving. Anything likely to stick out is going to cramp your space. Therefore, make sure to choose options which are flush with your bathroom design, or those which you can easily access without knocking into them.


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But Don’t Discount Shelves!

Shelving, however, is a fantastic aid to freeing up and maximising space. When you have very little in the way of horizontal space, you should do best to make use of vertical space. Add open, stack able shelving, modern twists, and designs where you wish. Shelving can really help to get clutter up and out of the way, and that can be a real killer for any kind of room or space where things are already pretty tight.

Be Careful with Colours

Believe it or not, the colours you use in your bathroom space are going to impact the way your space is perceived. Darker colours, for example, can help to make things feel more enclosed. Why not opt for brighter or softer tones and shades?

Use Your Door

Your door, too, is a fantastic source of vertical storage. You can hang towels, for example, on the back – using rails or suction cups. You may even want to install units on the back of your door, should they not get in the way of any adjacent walls. It’s all about being smart about the space you have available, as any bathroom fitters will tell you.

Look for Empty Space

Empty vertical space is an absolute boon when it comes to freeing up and maximising room in a bathroom. You should look at space above your toilet, above your door and above your sink. If there is any wall space going spare, bathroom installers will encourage you to use it!

Your Bathroom, Your Way

All good bathroom installers and bathroom fitters will help you find the perfect space-saving solutions for your bath and toilet space. Why not contact an expert for more advice tailored to your needs.

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