Colourful bathroom with two sinks

How to Add Colour to Your Bathroom

We often assume that since the bathroom is a small space, it does not need to be decorated. This is one of the most frequented rooms in a home in which means that it deserves the same attention as the rest of the house. Furthermore, you spend a lot of time shaving, bathing, applying makeup or brushing your teeth there. This being the case, you need to add a personal touch to liven it up.

There are various aspects of décor you can incorporate into your bathroom design. It is not all about the colour of the room. It is about everything that you have in the room. Here are some bathroom design ideas that might give it some splendour.

The Bathroom Walls

Gone are the days when a neutral colour was the popular pick of the bathrooms. Painting is a cheap way to incorporate colour into this small space. You can choose a colour that is most appealing to you then build the colour scheme of the room around it. Choose an accent wall that has a strong focal point and makes it your showpiece. This wall is usually the one directly opposite the door.

Tile Colour

You can play with the tile colours to blend with the rooms’ aura. Use colourful tiles with a spa-like rainforest that attracts attention to the focal point. Additionally, you can use contrasting coloured tiles in order to create an eye-catching centrepiece for the room.

Pink flowers next to green cabinet in bathroom interior with posters and round mirrors. Real photo

Bathtub Design

You can use a painted or shaded tub made of a variety of materials such as copper or porcelain. The tub is going to be there for a long time so make sure that the colour you choose makes you happy.

The Vanity

You can add colour to either the top or base of the vanity. It is best to pick one surface and keep the other neutral for balance. This also exaggerates the material that is used as the top surface.


Towels are a great way of adding colour to your bathroom design. You will find many varieties of colours in the market that can complement your bathroom décor.

Floor Mats

Floor mats or rugs need to blend well with the other shades you have added to your bathroom design. They are useful additives to your bathroom since they will infuse colour into it and are functional in bathrooms that have a tub or shower.

Add Décor

Add to your bathroom with a few well-placed décor items to drive your design idea home. It is commonly misconceived that bathrooms are small thus do not need any decorations. You will be impressed at how this small change will uplift its appearance.

Wall Art

You can add some wall art since it is an easy way to emphasis the colour in your bathroom. Make sure all wall art is water-resistant and if possible, add a frame to protect it. You can use wallpaper to change the look of the entire bathroom without having to use paint.


You can change the colour of the frame on your mirror to make it bold and stand out. A unique design of the frame and its shape will work wonders. If you have a neutral colour on your wall, then it will add to the décor of the bathroom. Another mirror design is to wrap the edge of the mirror with a natural product. Things such as rope or wood can give that last little touch that your bathroom needs.


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