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How Much Should a Bathroom Installation Cost?

They say your bathroom speaks a lot about the lifestyle you live, and it is indeed true. When a guest uses your bathroom, its style, design and fittings are what display your taste, and so tell a lot about your personality.

At least once over the time you own a house, you need to get new bathroom fitting or renovation done. When you go about doing your bathroom installation you may find some surprises on the way. Although some may choose DIY bathroom renovation, there are several reasons why you should consult and hire a professional renovator or repair service provider for this job, instead.

What factors affect the Bathroom Installation Cost?

Once you decide to hire professional help to get your bathroom remodelled, you will need to have an idea about the potential cost of your bathroom installation plan. This will give you leverage when discussing the total cost of remodelling your bathroom, increasing your savings significantly.


These are the factors that mainly help to determine the cost of a typical bathroom fitting session:

Bathroom Suite

Bathroom suites have become increasingly popular recently, due to their compact size and efficiency. Many of us like to choose a bathroom suite according to individual taste and then find professional workers to install it in your existing bathroom area. This is a significantly expensive component of your bathroom fitting and may cost somewhere around £1,000 and over.
Luxury bathroom suites are more expensive than this and so you need to choose your professional fitters carefully.


Another major item in your bathroom is the plumbing system. These include the numerous plumbing components, including sink, bath/shower, new taps, etc.

The cost increases significantly in case you also wish to modify the existing plumbing system. For conventional remodelling plumbing service, you would be charged anywhere between £700 and £900.

Bathroom Installation



Flooring also occupies a major chunk of your total bathroom installation cost. While some fitters might waive off the flooring charges in an attempt to quote a competitive and affordable price, these charges are usually added quietly later on to your final bill.

Always ask the flooring fitters to quote the price specifically for fitting vinyl flooring, which should ideally be around £200 to £400, which is determined by your bathroom’s size.


Installing wall tiles in the bathroom requires significant expertise to be perfect. The cost of fitting wall tiles in your bathroom will vary. It mainly depends on the type of tiles you have selected, the exact size of your bathroom, and whether you have already bought the tiles. On an average, the cost of installing wall tiles in a bathroom should be between £800 and £950.

Electrical fitting

Depending on the period the last electric system was installed, your bathroom may also need it re-wired. There is a significant cost of upgrading the lamps and lights, installing additional power sockets, etc but the total electric fitting for the bathroom should cost somewhere around £300, ideally.

Choose wisely when you select a professional remodeler when you decide to finally have your bathroom, installation refurbished. This is one of the best investments you can do in your home.