Bathroom Renovation

How Long Does A Bathroom Renovation Take?

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home when it comes to staying clean, fresh and up to date. If your bathroom is looking a little tired and dated, it might be time for a change. So, how long does it take to remodel a bathroom?

There’s no set timescale for bathroom renovations. The amount of time a full renovation takes depends on:

●       The size of your bathroom

●       The scale of the work

●       The availability of your renovators

●       The types of materials needed

●       Whether electrics are required

Typically, the whole process should take between 3 and 6 weeks. The larger your bathroom is, the longer it will take for a remodel. If you have chosen materials that are more difficult to get hold of, or need to be shaped specifically for your bathroom, then this is likely to take a little longer too.


The Importance Of Bathroom Renovation Professionals

When you’re considering remodelling your bathroom, it’s important that you hire a professional bathroom renovation service. Doing the job yourself can be tiring, stressful and can leave you feeling less than impressed with the end results if they don’t turn out as you expected. It’s essential that you get professionals in to look at the plumbing and electricity aspects of your bathroom renovation too from a safety perspective.

There are lots of benefits of hiring a professional renovation service:

●       They make the work stress free as you have none of the responsibility

●       They can get the job done a little quicker than you could do yourself

●       You will see professional results which you may not be able to achieve yourself

●       You’re unlikely to hit any snags or problems in the process that the professionals can’t handle, meaning you won’t have to shell out for repairs

●       The professional service has a responsibility to maintain the rest of the house while they’re working, so you won’t notice as much mess

●       It’s safer, as they will provide electricians and plumbers to complete the necessary safety checks

What’s Involved in the Bathroom Remodelling Process

Before undergoing a full bathroom remodel, it’s important that you fully understand and plan for all the steps in the process to produce the best end result.

  1. Plan your budget. Bathrooms can be expensive, and you need to choose one that you’re happy with and understand the costs
  2. Hire a professional. Builders and bathroom renovation specialists must see your plan beforehand. It’s a good idea to get at least 3 quotes so you know you’re getting a good deal
  3. Once you’ve chosen your builder, make sure you sign a contract and discuss commencement dates. You need to know exactly what you’re getting, and they need to understand what results you expect
  4. Select your ideal fixtures and fittings that meet with your style
  5. Your builders will remove your existing bathroom fittings
  6. Your walls will then be plastered and repaired where needed before being tiled
  7. Your bath, shower and toilet will be fitted and plumbed in
  8. Wiring will be completed
  9. Your final decoration will be added to make the bathroom look great
  10. Then you can enjoy your brand-new bathroom


So, how long does it take to do a bathroom renovation? Well, the truth is, there’s no set timescale. The scale of the project depends on a range of factors including the professional renovation services and the way they work, the size of your bathroom and the scale and complexity of the work you have in mind. You should set aside a 6-week period for a full bathroom renovation to ensure you’ve got enough time for completion. If you’d like to discuss a bathroom renovation with one of our team, please call us on get in touch via our contact page.