Gorgeous design ideas for small bathroom suites

Every bathroom is unique in its style and reflects the lifestyle of the person who uses it. If your bathroom design doesn’t match up with you and your style, it is time for a change!

No matter how small your bathroom is, you can find the perfect design which makes it look and feel awesome; a place you want to greet you every morning and night. But before you get straight to the action, you need a plan. This plan should consider some simple aspects related to functionality, storage capacity, creativity, and cost feasibility. So let’s get started!

small bathroom design ideas tiled to add space


  • You need to keep your bathroom clutter free. This requires space planning. List the number of fittings and accessories you wish to install. Choose between a bath or a shower. Minimum recommended bathtub dimension is 48” L X 32” W X 25” H with 68 gallons capacity. Minimum shower size is 30” X 30”. This space should accommodate 30” diameter disc. Distance between the centre of bathroom and shower or bathtub should be at least 18”. Since showers need less floor space, they might be more appropriate for a smaller bathroom, and a curved modern style can help increase the space available.
  • Minimum distance between any opposite side fixtures should be at least 30”.
  • Floor drainage system should consist of at least one outlet point. The floor should slope at the minimum rate of 0.25” per foot from the centre to the drainage points.
  • You may choose any material for the tiling, but ensure that it is slip-free and easily washable.
  • Height of wall cabinets from the floor level should not be more than your height. This makes it easy for you to use them without having to climb on some utility like a chair or a ladder!
  • If your toilet is attached to the bathroom, you should calculate space for that too. However, if you can fit this elsewhere, in an adjacent space, this leaves more room for larger designer sinks or shower fittings.

Storage Capacity

  • The bathroom should have sufficient space for installing wall cabinets (for toiletries & clothes), hangers, mirror, washtub and miscellaneous objects.
  • The number of cabinets is your choice, but you need to take care of the dimensions to allow maximum possible storage while calculating the free space required for you to shower and move around. Mirror cabinets can make the space feel bigger due to reflections.

small bathroom design with ample storage


The design and material of your bathroom tiles should reflect depth in space while giving you cost benefit. If you find marble to be boring you can opt for bluestone or limestone. Of course these are more economical in price compared to marble and they give better finishing in appearance and elegance. Also, bluestone or limestone floor is more slip resistant compared to marble.

  • You can combine plain glass with ceramics to design your bathroom walls and tiles in a fashionable manner.
  • Install designer cabinets on one side of the bathroom wall. Keep the other side walls free. It is recommended that you don’t fill your bathroom with too many cabinets for they can clutter the bathroom and hide the interior designs.

beautiful bathroom with shower and bath in small space

Cost Feasibility

Take some time out to browse the internet for finding the most economical range of accessories and fittings, keeping the design and aesthetics points in perspective. With some of these thoughts in mind, you can certainly come up with some amazing ideas for your perfect and cost effective bathroom!

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