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Effective Ways to Make Your Bathroom Light and Airy

Bathrooms are spaces we spend a lot of time in. As they can get quite hot and humid, it makes sense that you should try and create an atmosphere that is light, airy and always pleasant to walk in and out of. But how do you go about implementing light and airy bathroom designs

Here are a few great bathroom ideas you can put to work to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom space. Time to get out your bathroom planner and to speak to the experts once you know what you’re looking for!

Use Lots of Mirrors!

The idea that mirrors create a sense of larger space is true. Too many mirrors can make things look like a carnival attraction, but a few well-placed frames will likely help to increase the light that travels throughout your room. Most bathroom designs will incorporate at least one or two mirrors for practical purposes. But even so, it’s worth focusing on these elements if you want to make things light and airy.

Go Bespoke

One of the major elements to bathrooms which struggle with being light and airy is the fact that they’re penned into small, impractical, and uninspiring designs. Therefore, instead of just filling out an awkward or tiny space with everything you can, why not consider setting up new light and airy bathroom designs from scratch? A talented bathroom planner and bathroom installation expert will be more than happy to discuss any bespoke ideas you may have in mind.

Promote Natural Light

Natural light is an absolute must for light and airy bathrooms. It should be obvious! Therefore, make sure to look at bathroom designs and design features that allow you to create extensive windows or skylights, ones that will pour light into your bathroom without you needing to open a curtain every few seconds. All light and airy rooms, as you can expect, need light to begin with. However, this should be natural, rather than artificial.

Look at Mild Colours

It’s safe to say that light and airy bathroom designs largely work in colours such as blues, greens, whites, yellows, and creams. Mild shades towards the less intense ends of the palette, overall. Therefore, make sure to consider your favourite colours, and stick to a scheme that isn’t going to clash with itself. For example, blacks and purples don’t always work in bathroom spaces if they’re too full-on. However, when you balance them in the right way with milder colours, you can create a space with a lot of depth.

Ask an Expert!

Ultimately, the best way to get a light and airy bathroom is, of course, to ask for help from an expert. Expert bathroom planners and installers will always be happy to show you a host of fantastic ideas that you can use to bring a light and airy feel to life. We don’t all want our bathrooms to feel heavy and imposing!

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