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Current Bathroom Design Trends

We all have our style, from the clothes we wear, the hairstyles we adopt, the cars we drive, and the homes we live in. Our houses, in particular, allow us to highlight a multitude of styles throughout all the different rooms. The living room will highlight one style, the kitchen another, and the bedroom something else entirely, but let’s not forget the bathroom.

Let’s take a look at the current bathroom design trends and show you how you can take an ordinary room with an ordinary bath, sink, and toilet and turn it into something extraordinary.

2020 Bathroom Design Trends 

Bathrooms are fast becoming a designer’s favourite room. A stylish bathroom isn’t a contradiction. There are some incredible bathroom trends that exist today that can transform any bathroom into a room you’re proud of.

You might think that stylish bathrooms will always include white ceramics, but you’d be wrong. The latest bathroom trends are embracing the dark side and taking inspiration from classic bathrooms to bring them right up-to-date. More and more bathroom trends are adding a contemporary twist and using black or even blue. These bold choices add drama and a sense of luxury. When you combine with chrome or even gold taps and textured stone tiles, they can be a striking element to any bathroom.

Dark walls have become very popular in living rooms and bedrooms in recent years, so it’s only fair that the bathroom is now catching up. Bathrooms are the one room where you can embrace darker walls; deep, extravagant colours that might be a little over-the-top elsewhere. They look especially good when used with brass or metallic taps or showerheads. There’s something about that combination that looks on point right now.

If you’re unable (or unwilling) to change the furniture, then you can also embrace the latest bathroom trends through the use of tiles. Whether you choose porcelain or ceramic tiles, the move away from mosaic or smaller tiles has gone completely the other way.

Large-format tiles give an instant wow-factor to any bathroom. The smallest room in the house can feel so much larger by using these very large tiles on the walls. With the tiles being so much larger, it means there are fewer grout lines, so the room feels much bigger. If you’re a fan of minimalism, then choose a marble themed design, which works particularly well.

High Tech Bathroom

Another stylish bathroom trend that you might want to consider is to create a statement shower. That little shower cubicle, the room within a room, is an ideal space to design something spectacular. If the rest of the room is minimalist, then go all out with a colour-fuelled enclosure, experiment with artisanal tile selections, or throw some artwork in there to make a bold statement.

Don’t let the bathroom be the only room in the house that dampens your style. With some clever ideas, bold choices, and a drop of inspiration, you can create something that wows while still being affordable.

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