new modern white bathroom with tropic plants

Creative Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

Are you thinking of changing up your bathroom? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Top Bathrooms, we’re one of Bedfordshire’s leading independent Bathroom Design and Installation companies. Our service is tailored to you, and only you. Your needs are our number one priority, we aim to design and install the bathroom of your dreams.

Designing your bathroom can be incredibly daunting, but that’s why we are here. Our friendly team will help you every step of the way, from deciding the colour of your cabinets to the shape of your showerhead.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at a few creative ways to design your bathroom, from popular designs to some more unusual, bespoke designs. When designing your bathroom you must remember that it’s your bathroom, include things you want to include. Are you an up and coming makeup artist? Make sure you have enough storage for all your makeup and tools.

Whatever your needs may be, we’ve got something for you. Here are some creative bathroom design ideas that we think you’ll love. 


Minimalist white bathroom with stone bathtub

Sculptural Tub

Are you looking for that perfect bathtub? Well, look no further than a sculptural bathtub. This bathtub is on a large number of homeowners wishlists, it’s luxurious style brings a touch of elegance to any home. The bath has a raised back, making your soak even more enjoyable.


Bright & Bold Mosaic Tiles

Add that pop of colour to your bathroom with some bright and bold mosaic tiles. These beautiful tiles are commonly used in showers, its striking looks provide that modern touch to any bathroom. You can have so much fun with mosaic tiles in your bathroom, bring out your creative side. Why not create a feature wall entirely from brightly coloured mosaic tiles? Be adventurous.


Modern mosaic tiles bathroom


Exposed Bulbs 

This trend is popping up everywhere from offices to kitchens, and now bathrooms. Exposed light bulbs are the perfect way to add that touch of modern style to any bathroom. Their rustic looks are perfect for those looking to create a contemporary bathroom. You may even wish to style your exposed bulbs with colourful cords, instantly brightening up any room. Inject your bathroom with some pops of colour.

One thing to bear in mind that lighting in the bathroom has special requirement, make sure to check with your plumber that all electrical materials have the correct IP ratings and are safe to use in the bathroom or any wet areas.



The halfway style is as simple as it sounds. Tiles are placed halfway up the wall, providing a splash-proof functionality. Perfect for those families with younger children. No need to worry about them splashing in the bathtub, as a quick wipe down will clear up all the mess. This style is commonly made using Moroccan style tiles, adding that splash of colour and pattern to your bathroom. 


grey marble bathroom


Marble, marble, marble. It’s popping up everywhere, from kitchen tops to clothing, marble is a huge trend that has been expanding for the past couple years. It’s elegant style and practicality are just two of many reasons why large numbers people love marble. If you wish to include marble in your bathroom, why not try adding it to your bathroom in small doses? A marble toothbrush holder or a marble countertop. 

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