modern coloured bathroom suite with ornate tile floor and avocado green wood sink cabinets

Coloured bathroom suites are back in fashion!

It wasn’t long ago that a 50’s or 60’s coloured bathroom suite could break a deal when it came to buying a house. The prospect of having to replace the entire suite to bring a bathroom up to date was often too big a job for many prospective buyers.

Whilst retro styles have become hugely popular everywhere else when it comes to interior design, many people have still favoured the modern cleanness of a white suite for their bathroom – opting only for the character of a Victorian style bathroom if they wanted to continue a sense of times gone by through the entire house.

But times are changing – people are no longer so desperate to get rid of the classic 1960’s suite that was once thought to be a design abomination. Why? Vintage style and cool retro coloured bathroom suites are back in fashion!

Big, block colours are back, bold and beautiful as ever, and we’ve pulled together some of the amazing designs we’ve seen across the net to help give you some bathroom inspiration – and see for yourself how coloured suites can work in the modern age.

Pretty in Pink

It’s even possible to mix the classic style of a Victorian bathroom with the returning coloured suite trend – this vintage freestanding bath has been bought up to trend with a lick of bright pink paint.

This pink bathroom suite sits nicely amongst an assortment of patterns and colours without clashing. The plain walls help keep a neutral element to the room allowing the suite to take a complimentary centre stage.

Pink can be subtle too – sitting against white tiles with a pink accent border, this retro pink bathroom suite blushes coyly in this renovated bathroom.

Feeling really brave? Take the pink theme to the walls with patterned wallpaper and cool tiles to really show your retro feminine side.

Go Go Green

Go cool with these totally vintage mint designs and embrace the boldness of retro styles by mixing statement features together like the classic square sink with brass handles with a curved bath, or open rustic curved piping with a blocky brick-effect bath design.

Totally mint! A bright 50’s suite all in one colour can be accented with other bold additions like this deep red rug and towels – an unexpected but welcome mix of colours.

The beautiful modern design is a great example of how block colours typical in coloured bathroom suites of the vintage style bath and painted sink cupboard space can be made open with vast wall mirrors and white painted brick walls. Add a touch of class and complement the vintage feel with an ornate tile floor that makes a statement and is perfect for fitting underfloor heating!

Want to go even more retro? This 1930’s inspired bathroom mixes on-trend for the time – and the yellow walls and green features alongside an intricately patterned floor of the same colours really help create a bathroom bursting with colour. With a yellow floor, you could make the bathroom open up and pop even more!

Bask in the Blue

If you’ve found yourself in a house with a coloured suite and bold isn’t your thing, tone it down with plain white tiles, classic fittings and minimal accessories for just a hint of retro charm – like this pale blue cottage bathroom suite.

Some coloured bathroom suites can just look tired rather than trendy – revive it with some fresh matching tiles and some modern fitting for a clean, bright bathroom. Or maybe you want to embrace the retro trend fully! Boast blue to the max! Blue was a classic colour for bathroom suites in the 60’s and this bright blue evocative bathroom is true to its roots.

Bold and Beautiful

It’s purple fever! Have a favourite colour? Why not wake up to it every day! Coloured bathroom suites making a comeback could be the day you’ve been waiting for. Go all out with your favourite colour like this designer purple bathroom with gorgeous hexagonal purple floor tiles.

Bold doesn’t necessarily mean bright – this black bathroom suite echoes the elegance of art deco with a modern twist against a deep turquoise wall.

Coloured bathroom suites are certainly set to make a comeback this year and many original suites can still be found from salvage yards and even eBay, whilst we can source nearly anything you have in mind, all from our local suppliers – so you’ll be supporting local businesses too! But with the rising trend of coloured suites, it will unlikely be very long before you can find a variety of sleek, unique colours on the high street!

For some more about the sorts of bathroom designs, we can do for your next renovation, check out our bathroom designs page or give us a call to speak with one of our design experts.

Have you been inspired by this post? What colour bathroom would you have? Let us know by dropping us an email or tweeting us!