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Christmas Bathroom accessories

Christmas Spirits In Your Bathroom

Yet again, it’s almost that time of year to bring out your Christmas decorations and spirit (We are not talking about wine or vodka!). Whether you want to go with your usual suspects or add new pieces to the decor, It’s time! But often we forget about the bathroom. How about we show it a little love this year? Here are some of our bathroom ideas for Christmas décor.


Modern Decor

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Go all white everything! From your drapes to your linen to any decor you choose. For your shower curtain, you can go for a white or silver curtain, maybe with an xmas print, depending on your preference. If you want any print in your bathroom, you obviously should go for a Christmas print like Santa, a Christmas tree, reindeer or a snowman. For the sides, you can have a faux snow-covered plant. You can hang a faux snow-covered fern wreath on the wall or the back of the bathroom door with silver bells hanging on it at the centre. Get a faux mink rug that’s, you guessed it- white! Add some white candles in glass containers along with silver glitter decor, like silver balls in a glass bowl with some little fairy lights, this can give off a really Christmassy feel. Lighting is key and always pulls everything together. But the type of lighting you choose should complement your Christmas theme. You can get some fairy lights to hang or run them along the frame of the mirror.


Christmas day on the calendar

Traditional Christmas Decor

You can hang a stocking on the back of the bathroom door and fill it with your favourite Christmas scent so your bathroom will have a lovely fresh smell all day. For the bathroom sides, rug, and shower curtain focus on a colour theme. For the rug, a simple red one that’s plain red along with a few complimenting Christmas towels will do. For the bathroom sides, a faux poinsettia pot in the corner would make a great addition. Again, lighting is everything! Add some warm lights with yellow tones to the bathroom.


For the Kids

Oh no we didn’t forget the little ones! You can add lots of Santa inspired decorations, baubles would look great hanging from the shower curtain. Add a Christmassy shower curtain and maybe even surprise them with some new Christmas toothbrushes. With the lighting, you could add some multi-coloured lighting around the mirror and door frame. You could even make them a very special advent calendar of their own. Not filled with chocolate but little treats and toys for doing small tasks well, such as brushing their teeth or cleaning up after themselves. This could be hung on the back of the bathroom door.


We hope that our blog has been helpful and given you some exciting ideas to decorate your bathroom this Christmas. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01525 403 829 or alternatively head over to our contact page to fill in our online enquiry form. 

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