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Modern Bathroom

Will No Bath Affect The Value Of My House?

Do I Need A Bathtub To Sell My House?

When it comes to selling your home, bathroom design is a key feature and something that a buyer has in mind when inspecting the house prior to a sale. A bathtub offers a wide range of benefits and there’s a concern that not having a bath in your home will decrease its value.

While it doesn’t decrease your home’s value, it could take longer to sell it. Some families, especially those with children, value a bathtub more highly, as it’s a necessary part of their family life.

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Do You Need An Interior Designer For Bathroom Remodel?

With the right design, your bathroom is a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day. However, ensuring the room meets all your specifications and home decor can be complex. An interior designer is a professional who can solve all the challenges you face during the bathroom redesign process. They can maximise the space you have available, improve functionality, and create the perfect bathroom design for your home.

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Modern bathroom design in grey

Current Bathroom Design Trends

We all have our style, from the clothes we wear, the hairstyles we adopt, the cars we drive, and the homes we live in. Our houses, in particular, allow us to highlight a multitude of styles throughout all the different rooms. The living room will highlight one style, the kitchen another, and the bedroom something else entirely, but let’s not forget the bathroom.

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