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The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets – providing a functional yet stylish way of keeping your bathroom belongings out of sight and out of mind, keeping your bathroom calm and looking elegant. The bathroom is more than just an area of rush in the mornings, it’s a place in which you can fully unwind and relax. No one likes to try and relax in a cluttered room, clutter is proven to increase stress so why should you have to put up with it? Keep your surfaces clean and tidy, by putting all your treasures in a beautiful bathroom cabinet.

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cleaning in the bathroom at home

Having a Clean Bathroom is Very Important | Here are 4 Tips to Help You

Did you know that your shower curtain and shower floor have 60 times more germs than your toilet seat! Grossed out? Me too. Women clean their showers on an average of 4 times a month, compared to 2.8 times for men, and I’m sorry to say this isn’t enough. Keeping on top of cleaning your bathroom is extremely important and we understand many of you lead busy lives with very little spare time.  We decided to scour the internet and compile the best ways for you to clean your bathroom and have the best results possible. We also took time into consideration so don’t worry if you’re in a rush. With the understanding that these germs can’t be avoided but can be reduced.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains collect a whopping average of 16,240,000 CFU (colony-forming units)! Making sure your shower curtain is clean is very important, if you have a washable shower curtain, we recommend it is washed 1-2 times a week. This will kill any bacteria and reduce the average amount dramatically. If your shower curtain isn’t washable then we believe it is time to throw it out and purchase a washable one. This will save you having to spend your money on new shower curtains every week. 93% of the bacteria found on shower curtains are harmful to humans and can be resistant to antibiotics, so it’s in your own interests to wash the shower curtain weekly.

 shower curtains

Bathroom Floors

Flashy floor cleaning gadgets and expensive products are too good to be true, the classic mop and bucket will do the same job at a much smaller price. Getting the right products to clean your floor with, knowing what type of floor you have and what chemicals can be used on it is extremely important. Don’t always just go to the high-end, well know, expensive brands. Do your research as I’m sure you’ll find most own brand companies sell the same item in different packaging at a very reasonable price. When you have selected your choice of cleaning chemical follow the instructions on the back of the bottle for best results.

Door Handles

Door handles are often forgotten in the cleaning process even though they are known for how much bacteria lives on them. On average around 13,835 CFU live on your bathroom door handle! So, make sure you don’t miss them, a simple anti-bacterial wipe will reduce the numbers. There are also hundreds of home remedies which claim to do the job online, a very popular mixture is lemon juice and salt or bicarbonate of soda. These aren’t proven to work but are used by millions.

Toilet Seats

The dreaded toilet seat, cleaning it is seen as a germ-infested chore. Did you know that your toothbrush has 192% more bacteria on it compared to your toilet seat? I’ll just leave that there.

Toilet Bleach is a great way to quickly eliminate bacteria and takes no time at all, purchasing the right bleach can be overwhelming when in supermarkets. There are hundreds of brands and types, do your research, researching beforehand can save you a lot of time. Anti-bacterial wipes are a very efficient way to clean the outside of the toilet and very easy to dispose of.


High Tech Bathroom

Top 5 high tech bathroom features

For people who are tech-savvy, there’s nothing more thrilling than having technology everywhere they go, especially when at home. The internet and technology have made it possible to get informed no matter where you are. The technology available today not only makes the experience in the bathroom great but also makes things more efficient. Some of the high-tech features we have in places like our bathrooms have made life much easier. Here are the top 5 high tech features of the bathrooms today.


  1. Touchless faucet

Many modern bathrooms are equipped with faucets that are touchless. These faucets are hands-free and are equipped with motion sensors that get activated when a hand is waved in front of them. As a result, this makes it more efficient and sanitary to use the bathroom sink. In fact, some of these hands-free faucets have hand dryers built into them. Some can even be programmed for water flow and temperature thereby saving the homeowner some water bills.

  1. TV medicine cabinet

Being able to watch TV in the bathroom as you go about your morning routine is very convenient. However, there’s a huge dilemma for design. Disguising the TV into the bathroom can present a lot of hurdles for interior designers and homeowners. However, this dilemma has been solved by the latest technologies. People are now able to watch the news, favourite programs or weather updates right in the bathroom, the new cabinets for medicine can double up as TV screens as well. There’s also an MP3 hook-up that makes it possible for the cabinet to play music.

  1. Programmable shower

Technology has made it possible to get the spa experience right in the bathroom of your house because of the availability of a programmable digital shower. Using a remote control, the latest technology has given you the power to control the temperature of the shower to meet your preferences. This feature enables you to set your preferences to the ideal settings to make the temperature start running before they even get into the bathroom.

  1. High-tech toilet

There are numerous options of high-tech toilets that one can consider for their bathrooms. The main features that may be found on the high-tech toilets include a heated seat, wireless remote, foot warmers, a system of speakers with docking station, deodorising system and motion-activated seat and cover. However, not all the above features of a high-tech toilet would be suitable for everyone. So, ensure you find one that suits your needs best by researching your options before installing any.

High Tech Toilet

  1. Surround-sound bathtub

The newest options of bathtubs enable you to do more than just be in the bathtub just soaking while in silence. The available tubs in the market come with high-tech features with various capabilities. They have LED waterfalls, built-in TVs and CD players, air-and water-jet massage capabilities and Bluetooth capability for listening to music. All these aim to keep you relaxed and entertained as you wish.

These top 5 high-tech features can transform your bathroom into a high-end and sleek bathroom retreat. Installing one or more of these features will take your bathroom experience to the next level.




How to make small Bathrooms look bigger

Small spaces in bathrooms aren’t only found in condos and apartments. They’re in guest powder rooms and bathrooms as well. However, no one ever wants to get the feeling that comes with crowding. As a result, people have come up with ingenious ways to create an illusion that makes small bathroom spaces look bigger than they actually are. Some of these tips are very simple yet they have the capacity to transform your small bathroom to feel and look much bigger. Here are some of the tips to help you do this: Continue reading

Installation of shower

Why you should get a professional to install a new bathroom

According to many bathroom contractors, the bathroom is the most labour-intensive all the rooms in a house. However, physically, it’s the smallest of all the rooms in a house. To come up with a bathroom that looks good and serves all its purposes well, it’s important to get someone with professionalism in bathroom installations to do your job. If it’s well-serviced it becomes a very crucial part of the home as it gives a lot of efficiency in doing the daily chores for the whole family. The following are the main reasons why you need to get a professional to install your new bathroom: Continue reading

Shower Head

The best shower heads for low pressure systems

Having a good shower head is the key to a great shower experience, and for those with low pressure systems changing to a more powerful fitting can be a real game changer.

So, we’re put together a list of some of the best shower heads that we can recommend or have fitted for customers, so you can choose the perfect shower head for your bathroom first time round!

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christmas bathroom decorations

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Bathroom

As it nears to Christmas, it’s time to decorate our houses (if you haven’t already!) and get into the festive spirit. The living room and dining room are probably two of the most popular spaces in the house which get all the attention when it comes to decoration. But one of the areas which tends to often be overlooked is the bathroom, probably because it’s more of private space compared to the living room and dining room – and some might not know how to bring Christmas decor into the bathroom.

That’s why we’re here to enthusiastically focus on decorating your bathroom, with some of the best Christmas decoration tips out there for creating a wintery wonderland in your washroom! So let’s bring the holiday spirit and a brand new look to your bathroom this white Christmas, and let it glow, let it glow, let it glow!

Festive shower curtains

Replace your existing shower curtain with a new merrier one! Reflecting scenes of Christmas celebrations with food or Santa, snowflakes surrounding a grand Christmas tree, reindeer, ice-skating or other Christmas patterns – whatever takes your fancy indulge in a festive curtain to brighten up your December! While the bathroom area is a little limited in space, a nicely designed shower curtain will go a lot way to bringing the joy and warmth of Christmas into this area of your home.

Smell of Christmas

Invest in some wall hanging candles or some generic candles, especially those with special Christmas scents, which you can buy from most shops at this time of year. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ‘festive’ and peppermint are some of the most popular scents for Christmas season. Or you can invest in some festive fragrant potpourri and place inside a nice red or gold tray – but the candles are always a nice touch for the brightness they bring to your bathroom!

Mini Christmas Tree

You may even consider a small Christmas tree, if space allows in your bathroom. Place it by the sink, by the bath, or in a corner to lighten up the room with peaceful and warm Christmas spirits.

Change up bathmats

Remove those bath mats you use all year round and indulge in one that sports a colourful festive design. Pick rug with colours that go with your bathroom colour scheme to enhance the harmonious feeling of the festive season.

Let it Glow

You no doubt have lights around the tree and the house – so why not in the bathroom too? You can get a cheap pack of fairy lights from online or most stores, which are perfect for lining your bathroom mirror or dotting around the place, wherever works best! Have fun with it, and brighten up your bathroom for just a few quid.

Final Cherry’s

Last but not least, decorate your bathroom with assorted Christmas additions, such as Christmas towels, Christmas hangers, and even a Christmas bathroom bin! Little festive figurines such as as a dancing Santa to cheer you up in the morning or stick-on snowflake mirror decorations – the devil is in the detail. So get creative! Most of these things can be saved for next year once the month’s up, so have them boxed up and ready for next year, to beautify your bathroom once more.


Other than that, keep a look out for any other festive bathroom accessories and we hope you get to enjoy a Christmassy bathroom this season with some of our ideas and tips!


posh curved bathroom sink installed in bedford

Bathroom tap inspiration: Choosing Your Bathroom Tap Faucet

Bathroom taps contribute more than you might think to the end feel of the bathroom, making choosing your bathroom features one of the most important parts of your bathroom remodel – and we’re here to help you choose!

Whilst you can go for a cheaper faucet option, perhaps if you’d rather splurge a little more elsewhere, such as on an indulgent showerhead or elegant stone wall tiles, that’s of course up to you. But do consider this: the tap is one of the main focus points of your bathroom!

Since you’ll likely make use of it nearly every time you are in your bathroom, it really is a central feature, so investing in a tap that you really love will give you so much more enjoyment in the day-to-day. Continue reading