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What are the benefits of Wet Rooms?

Here at Top Bathrooms we know how to install the perfect bathroom, that is why we want to give you some pointers on why you might want to think about installing a luxurious wet room.

What is a Wet Room?

In short, a Wet Room is a minimalist style of bathroom that utilises waterproofing techniques to ensure users can shower, bathe and do all their other bathroom essentials without the worry of leaks. The entire room acts as an enclosure for moisture coming from things such as showers and taps. Wet rooms also offer their users other benefits which we will discuss in this blog. Continue reading

Shower Head

The best shower heads for low pressure systems

Having a good shower head is the key to a great shower experience, and for those with low pressure systems changing to a more powerful fitting can be a real game changer.

So, we’re put together a list of some of the best shower heads that we can recommend or have fitted for customers, so you can choose the perfect shower head for your bathroom first time round!

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christmas bathroom decorations

Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Bathroom

As it nears to Christmas, it’s time to decorate our houses (if you haven’t already!) and get into the festive spirit. The living room and dining room are probably two of the most popular spaces in the house which get all the attention when it comes to decoration. But one of the areas which tends to often be overlooked is the bathroom, probably because it’s more of private space compared to the living room and dining room – and some might not know how to bring Christmas decor into the bathroom.

That’s why we’re here to enthusiastically focus on decorating your bathroom, with some of the best Christmas decoration tips out there for creating a wintery wonderland in your washroom! So let’s bring the holiday spirit and a brand new look to your bathroom this white Christmas, and let it glow, let it glow, let it glow!

Festive shower curtains

Replace your existing shower curtain with a new merrier one! Reflecting scenes of Christmas celebrations with food or Santa, snowflakes surrounding a grand Christmas tree, reindeer, ice-skating or other Christmas patterns – whatever takes your fancy indulge in a festive curtain to brighten up your December! While the bathroom area is a little limited in space, a nicely designed shower curtain will go a lot way to bringing the joy and warmth of Christmas into this area of your home.

Smell of Christmas

Invest in some wall hanging candles or some generic candles, especially those with special Christmas scents, which you can buy from most shops at this time of year. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ‘festive’ and peppermint are some of the most popular scents for Christmas season. Or you can invest in some festive fragrant potpourri and place inside a nice red or gold tray – but the candles are always a nice touch for the brightness they bring to your bathroom!

Mini Christmas Tree

You may even consider a small Christmas tree, if space allows in your bathroom. Place it by the sink, by the bath, or in a corner to lighten up the room with peaceful and warm Christmas spirits.

Change up bathmats

Remove those bath mats you use all year round and indulge in one that sports a colourful festive design. Pick rug with colours that go with your bathroom colour scheme to enhance the harmonious feeling of the festive season.

Let it Glow

You no doubt have lights around the tree and the house – so why not in the bathroom too? You can get a cheap pack of fairy lights from online or most stores, which are perfect for lining your bathroom mirror or dotting around the place, wherever works best! Have fun with it, and brighten up your bathroom for just a few quid.

Final Cherry’s

Last but not least, decorate your bathroom with assorted Christmas additions, such as Christmas towels, Christmas hangers, and even a Christmas bathroom bin! Little festive figurines such as as a dancing Santa to cheer you up in the morning or stick-on snowflake mirror decorations – the devil is in the detail. So get creative! Most of these things can be saved for next year once the month’s up, so have them boxed up and ready for next year, to beautify your bathroom once more.


Other than that, keep a look out for any other festive bathroom accessories and we hope you get to enjoy a Christmassy bathroom this season with some of our ideas and tips!


posh curved bathroom sink installed in bedford

Bathroom tap inspiration: Choosing Your Bathroom Tap Faucet

Bathroom taps contribute more than you might think to the end feel of the bathroom, making choosing your bathroom features one of the most important parts of your bathroom remodel – and we’re here to help you choose!

Whilst you can go for a cheaper faucet option, perhaps if you’d rather splurge a little more elsewhere, such as on an indulgent showerhead or elegant stone wall tiles, that’s of course up to you. But do consider this: the tap is one of the main focus points of your bathroom!

Since you’ll likely make use of it nearly every time you are in your bathroom, it really is a central feature, so investing in a tap that you really love will give you so much more enjoyment in the day-to-day. Continue reading

Amazing Space Saving Tips for your Small Bathroom

If you’re thinking about remodeling and renovating your bathroom but don’t have much space to play with, there are a few design tips, features and bathroom furnishings that might help you maximise what you have!

Saving on space in your small bathroom will not only make your small bathroom appear to look bigger, but free up a lot of storage you didn’t even know was there. Here are some of the ways you can save on space and get the most out of your small bathroom this season, put together by our expert bathroom designers.

small bathroom design maximised space

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How to Install a Bathroom Cabinet

One of the most dramatic yet fastest ways of cleaning up a bathroom is through replacing an outdated and worn out bathroom cabinet. This type of alteration can be completed within a day’s work with the proper planning and a stepped approach. The only thing that will present a challenge when it comes to this type of work is initially choosing which cabinet to buy.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters to create a quick guide, outlining the main steps we (or you) need to follow for proper installation of a new bathroom cabinet, so that you can change it yourself, or simply understand the process of a bathroom cabinet installation: Continue reading

Beautiful Bathrooms in Milton Keynes

Top Bathrooms have been creating beautiful bathrooms that suit your budget for many years now, and we always love to share our work to show you the sorts of bathroom you
could have in your home!

Having your dream bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank, and we love inspiring homeowners to strive for the best! Everyone deserves to live in a home that makes you happy, and
that’s what we’re all about at Top Bathrooms – helping you make a hearty, happy home.

Based in Flitwick, smack-bam between Milton Keynes, Luton and Bedford, we serve each of the three major cities, with most of our business coming from the hub of Milton Keynes. It’s
been a pleasure for our Milton Keynes bathroom fitters to help create such joy in so many homes – and we’d love to do the same for you!

Below are some images of the bathrooms our fitters have designed and fitted in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas to give you some inspiration – let us know your favourites, or if
you have any questions about we can help you and your next bathroom renovation, just get in touch! For more information on bathroom designs or bathroom fittings just check out our
dedicated pages.


Brand new installation
Lovely bathroom completed by us!

Bathroom Fitted in Milton Keynes free standing bath

Bathroom Fitted in Milton Keynes with wooden sink cabinets

small bathroom design idea functional and beautiful!
Medium sized bathroom redone by Top Bathrooms!

Bathroom Fitted in Milton Keynes with wooden floorBathroom Fitted in Milton Keynes with wooden floor - angled at sink

modern coloured bathroom suite with ornate tile floor and avocado green wood sink cabinets

Coloured bathroom suites are back in fashion!

It wasn’t long ago that a 50’s or 60’s coloured bathroom suite could break a deal when it came to buying a house. The prospect of having to replace the entire suite to bring a bathroom up to date was often too big a job for many prospective buyers.

Whilst retro styles have become hugely popular everywhere else when it comes to interior design, many people have still favoured the modern cleanness of a white suite for their bathroom – opting only for the character of a Victorian style bathroom if they wanted to continue a sense of times gone by through the entire house.

But times are changing – people are no longer so desperate to get rid of the classic 1960’s suite that was once thought to be a design abomination. Why? Vintage style and cool retro coloured bathroom suites are back in fashion!

Big, block colours are back, bold and beautiful as ever, and we’ve pulled together some of the amazing designs we’ve seen across the net to help give you some bathroom inspiration – and see for yourself how coloured suites can work in the modern age.

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small bathroom design idea functional and beautiful!

Gorgeous design ideas for small bathroom suites

Every bathroom is unique in its style and reflects the lifestyle of the person who uses it. If your bathroom design doesn’t match up with you and your style, it is time for a change!

No matter how small your bathroom is, you can find the perfect design which makes it look and feel awesome; a place you want to greet you every morning and night. But before you get straight to the action, you need a plan. This plan should consider some simple aspects related to functionality, storage capacity, creativity, and cost feasibility. So let’s get started!

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