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Bathroom Design Trends Of 2021 | A Year In Bathroom Trends

Bathroom Trends From 2021

In 2021, we saw some really impressive bathroom ideas. Homeowners are constantly looking for new ways to improve their bathrooms and to create a unique, aesthetically appealing design. Whether it’s to keep up with the latest fashion or just to improve your current bathroom, here are some of the best bathroom design ideas from 2021.

  1.  Animal Print, Dots & Dashes

Something very unique that’s sure to grab your visitor’s attention is a full wall of animal print. From a zebra to a cheetah, many homeowners and bathroom designers have used animal prints to transform their bathroom space.

If you aren’t too keen on animal print, simplistic dots and dashes can be used to give your bathroom a vibrant feel that isn’t as much of a statement. Using wallpaper on the feature wall and then a plain colour on the other side can create a pop of colour in your bathroom.

  1.  New Metallics

When it comes to home interior trends, using different types of metals can add a distinctive look to your bathroom. Chrome is out and brass and copper are in. Using brass and nickel paints can add a vintage, classic look to your bathroom and make it feel luxurious. 

If you have some spare budget left over, you could combine this metallic look with a claw foot bath to complete a vintage bathroom look.

  1.  Full Wall Graphics

If you’re looking to add a wow factor to your bathroom, you can use a wall graphic by placing it behind the shower wall. This will certainly get your visitors’ attention and give your bathroom a fulfilling but simplistic feel. 

The aim is to add a large piece of wall art to your feature wall and coat the rest of the walls in one colour. This keeps the focus on your wall art and makes the room feel more spacious. To make it especially unique, ensure your bath or sink is painted a similar colour to your wall art to make the room stand out. 

What Bathroom Trends Can We Expect To See In 2022?

Now 2022 has arrived, we are once again looking to spruce up our bathroom. Keeping up with the latest fashion and design has never been simpler due to these simplistic designs.

  1. Matte Black Fixtures

Black paint gives a sense of luxury in any setting. Using matte black paint on your taps and combining this choice with matte black accessories can make your bathroom look sleek and extravagant. Matte black looks especially stylish if your bathroom features solid wood to create dynamic contrast.

  1. The Spa Look

To feel truly relaxed in your own home, why not convert your bathroom into a spa? You can do this with the help of light blues and greens. Add a splash of personality by using artificial plants and marble tiles to complete the look.

  1. Organic Elements

To be at one with nature, you can combine the use of wood and plants to craft a relaxing environment. Similar to the spa approach, you can use aloe vera plants and dark wooden cupboards to make your bathroom part of nature itself. Using yellow on the wall will create a tranquil finish too.

Create The Perfect Bathroom For You

When taking the DIY route, things can go wrong and when handling electrics, in particular, this can become dangerous very quickly. There is a simpler and less time-consuming way to create your dream bathroom.
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