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Bathroom Design Trends 2021 | Coloured Grout

2021 has been a challenging year so far, so why not give yourself a bit of a boost by giving your bathroom a makeover. A new bathroom is just what you need to keep your home and mind feeling fresh and excited to start the day. There are a ton of bathroom ideas new for 2021 to make your bathroom stand out from the crowd.

The Benefits Of Coloured Grouting

Adding coloured grout to your new bathroom has a whole host of benefits.

1.      Originality

Most people opt for white grout to accompany their tiles, which often makes them fade into the background. However, the best bathroom designs include high-quality tiles that are the feature of your bathroom. Coloured grout helps you to emphasise your design flair and it’s guaranteed to give you the standout bathroom style you want.

2.      Clean & Fresh

Darker or coloured grout doesn’t show off the dirt. White grout can easily attract mould, especially in a damp bathroom. And once it’s taken hold, it’s difficult to get that gleaming white colour back. However, coloured grout doesn’t stain as easily, so your bathroom will look newer for longer.

3.      Striking Design

Coloured grout is a great way to show off your artistic flair. Square, white tiling is a thing of the past. Coloured grout allows you to accentuate your tiles and give your bathroom that high-end appearance. You could opt for unique brick-shaped tiles, diamond-shaped tiles, or even a hexagonal design.

4.      Easily Replaceable

Despite its darker shade, coloured grout is just as simple to replace as white grout. It’s easy to wipe away and doesn’t leave any stain on the tiles. It’s specially formulated to last longer too, so your striking design will appear fresher for longer.

What’s In?

Grout comes in a range of different colours to suit any new bathroom suite. The colour you choose is an important feature that completes the design you’re looking for.

  • Black

Black grout in between white or light-coloured tiles in a brickwork layout with silver taps and accessories can make your bathroom feel larger. The white tiles bring a light, airy feel and the black grout ensures they don’t disappear into the background by adding a stylish contrast.

  • Grey

Grey grout with an uneven tile layout gives a minimalistic, natural feel to your bathroom. Add some white accessories to a shabby chic look to create a beautiful, modern appearance.

You could even combine grey and black grout in a fading design. Start with black grout at the bottom and gradually move to grey as you go further up the wall. It creates a truly unique look and gives the appearance of more space.

  • Gold

Gold grout can show that element of luxury. Add a gold grout to dark tiles to give a modern, moody feel. It’s a striking appearance that catches everyone’s eye.

  • Bronze

Bronze grout with copper accessories creates a classic feel inside your bathroom, which is the up-to-the-minute look for 2021. Bronze works with any tile colour and complements copper taps, metal lighting, and dark, treated wood.

Bathroom Designers

Selecting coloured grout is a bold move and can be daunting if bathroom design isn’t your thing. However, it’s worth it to see the luxurious end result. If you’re unsure which design would suit your space, a bathroom designer is an expert who can help. They’ll measure up your bathroom and provide recommendations to maximise your space and create your perfect design.

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