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Bathroom Design Ideas For 2021

Each year we see bathroom trends changing dramatically, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. Thankfully, we have listed some of the top trends that have sky-rocketed in popularity in 2021. 

If you are considering a bathroom revamp, then take a look at some of the most up-to-date trends in bathroom décor. This blog will explore some of the latest trends in bathrooms for 2021.

Bathroom Design Inspiration

·        Leaning ladder radiators are becoming one of the favourites for innovative and stylish storage solutions in the bathroom. This must-have accessory seems to have become a staple for every modern bathroom. The leaning ladder offers functionality and style designed into one feature. This top trend is an excellent way to drape your bathroom towels for ease of access whilst taking up a smaller space than using storage boxes.

·        The frameless walk-in shower is perfect for the minimalist looking to give their bathroom a lift. Frameless showers can integrate into your current space seamlessly. They are versatile as they can be made to fit any size of bathroom, making them an excellent choice. They also give the impression of a larger size bathroom and help open up your bathroom space.

·        Combining modern with vintage is a new one that sets your old bathroom aside and gives it a unique design. By juxtaposing modern style décor with vintage touches, or vice versa, you create striking contrasts in the space. The modern and vintage style could easily be done on a budget, and you could experiment with different pieces in the room for the best effect. Consider mixing modern and vintage styles and seeing what you can create for the unique bathroom experience.

·        Marble Bathrooms are a trend that comes around every few years. It is a popular choice for the beautiful natural look that it can bring to your bathroom. It is also available in various shades and finishes, giving you lots of different options to consider. The other great benefit of marble is that it is versatile and super easy to keep clean. Marble bathrooms are an excellent option for people who want a modern, clean, and crisp aesthetic.

·        Black bathrooms appear to be making a comeback this year. The black style doesn’t have to be solid dark colours, however. Lighter hues work great and add to a modern style bathroom. Some black bathroom designs even bring a hint of the gothic in the room, so if you are going for a more traditional look, the black bathroom might work for that too. You can also try contrasting black with lighter wood furnishings for a beautiful modern style.

grey and black bathroom

·        Bold Colours are back! Go with a single colour, or try contrasting two colours you like for a more dramatic effect. The contrast between two bold colours will create striking contrast in the room and help to add some definition to the room. Colour has a massive impact on mood, so with that in mind, get creative.

We hope this blog has made you aware of some of the latest trends in bathroom décor and inspired you to treat your bathroom to a little bit of love this year. To find out more about how we, Top Bathrooms, can help you create the bathroom of your dreams get in touch on 01525 403 829 or head over to our contact page