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How To Spruce Up Your Bathroom This Spring

Spring can be a nice season to freshen up your bathroom. Usually, the shops are full of interesting spring-related products, and with the weather picking up from the previous season a lot more people will feel like having a good old bathroom re-shuffle! So, what are some great ways to spruce up your bathroom this spring?

If you are looking for small bathroom ideas, you may be thinking that you are a bit limited to what you can change around in terms of bathroom furniture. However, even if you do not have lots of space for furniture you can still adjust it to create a fresh new look. See what you do have and pick a styling that stands out. It is surprising how the right colour choice really can help to make a room appear more spacious. Even though you may not have as much space for accessories, what you do have can still be changed! 

Sprucing Up The Bathroom in Time For Spring

When thinking about accessories you might want to bring in some springtime colours to your selections. Yellow themed accessories go down well in spring but any other brightly coloured toilet accessories will give your bathroom new life. You can even think about the types of soaps, lotions and bubble baths you have on display, some will have nice spring-related packaging, and of course spring-related smells! Now is the time where you may want to put away all of your deep, dark coloured towels and opt for something light and bright. 

Another way to renovate your bathroom is to find some springtime bathroom paint to apply to your walls. A change of tiling is also a further way to freshen up the bathroom. Not just wall tiles though, why not choose some bright and fresh floor tiles? You do not have to have a one colour option as there are some great patterned tiles out there too. For example, a daffodil pattern would be very spring themed! You could even have some tiles custom made…..

Bringing in some plants is another good idea. Not only are real plants recommended for households due to their health benefits, but they also add a lovely natural style to any room they are in, along with that ‘clean’ feeling. And this is perfect for the bathroom setting. If you have space you could purchase a nice tall potted plant, these look great in bathrooms. Otherwise, a couple of small plant pots scattered about on shelving space will look good. A nice silver metal pot would suit a bathroom well. Spring flowers in a vase will look lovely, too.

If you want to go bold with your spring clean bathroom mission, why not include a real statement piece? For instance, a wooden bath in place of the tired white tub that is common livens things up, as well as creating an attractive natural look that is very fitting for the spring season. Don’t forget small details such as brightly coloured bath mats and floor mats, colourful ones are a nice choice, or you could even find one with a cute spring-themed slogan. Even the bathroom door could be changed to a new shape or style!

Little changes add up when it comes to sprucing up the bathroom, so even if you do not feel like, or have the money to change key features such as the sink or shower area, you can still bring change with the little details and you might well be amazed at how much of a difference they all add up to make! A great idea for inspiration is to spend some quality time on Pinterest or another home interior style platform and see what great ideas and designs people have!

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