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Are Tiles A Good Choice For My Luxury Bathroom?

Having a luxury bathroom or luxury ensuite in your home is everyone’s dream. It gives you the feeling of walking into a luxury hotel right there in your own house. Because your bathroom is often somewhere to relax, you need it to give off calming energy and be free from clutter. 

Selecting the décor can be a challenge. It needs to be both functional and fashionable. With the right bathroom floor tiles, you can create a stylish and comfortable luxury bathroom.

Bathroom Floor Tiles – Your Requirements

Your bathroom floor is a major consideration as it’s the part of your bathroom that will feel the most wear and tear. For this reason, selecting a tiled floor is an excellent choice because you need it to be:

·        Water-Resistant 

Tiles don’t soak up water like wood or vinyl flooring so they’re likely to last much longer and will preserve the floorboards underneath the tiles.

·        Mould Free

Because tiles are extremely easy to keep clean and don’t soak in moisture, they’re the best option for keeping mould away from your bathroom. Vinyl, wood, and carpeted floors are huge absorbers of water and with the humid atmosphere, mould can develop quickly. You will need to keep on top of the grout between the tiles though. This will need refreshing every couple of years.

·        Slip Resistant 

Tiles can get slippery if you leave a lot of surface water. However, if you get more textured tiles, this should remove the problem.

To find the perfect bathroom tiles for your home, it’s time to look at the options available. The most common tile types that you’ll find at the DIY shop are ceramic and porcelain. If you have the option, porcelain would make a better bathroom floor because it’s less porous. This means it will keep the water out for longer than a ceramic tile so they won’t need to be treated and are less likely to stain or age. They also work well with underfloor heating, for that extra luxury feel.

man applying tiles to bathroom wall

Luxury Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

When adding that luxury feels to your bathroom you need to have a design that’s modern, minimalist, easy to keep clean, and matches your home’s style.

·        Textured Tiles

Tiles with a light texture are easy to maintain. You could get tiles with a wood effect to give a classic feel or stone to add a unique element to your bathroom.

·        Single Colour

Stick to one colour with your tiles. The alternative black and white tiled flooring is a little outdated. Try a full white floor and switch up the grouting in between to break it up a little. White tiles with black grout make a great statement and give a fresh feel.

·        Petite Tiles

Bathroom tiles aren’t all square. Try some smaller mosaic tiles or beehive shapes. It’s original and they’re still as easy to lay on the floor.

·        Marble

Marble effect porcelain tiles are in. Using giant tiles with a pale marbling adds a feeling of affluence to your bathroom, especially when it’s paired with a stand-alone bath and golden taps.

Your bathroom is an incredibly important part of your home. It’s where you can shut off from the world and relax, so make sure your bathroom shows off your personality and makes you feel at home. You can even move some of your designs onto the walls. Bathroom wall tiles are completely interchangeable with floor tiles and will make your walls wipe-clean and easy to manage.

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