Amazing Space Saving Tips for your Small Bathroom

If you’re thinking about remodeling and renovating your bathroom but don’t have much space to play with, there are a few design tips, features and bathroom furnishings that might help you maximise what you have!

Saving on space in your small bathroom will not only make your small bathroom appear to look bigger, but free up a lot of storage you didn’t even know was there. Here are some of the ways you can save on space and get the most out of your small bathroom this season, put together by our expert bathroom designers.

small bathroom design maximised space

Benefits of saving on space in your small bathroom

There are of course lots of benefits to fulfilling some of these handy tips or installing these special, space-saving features – and they don’t have to break the bank!  

· help find extra space for towel racks
· create storage space for your accessories like hair brushes, razors and make up or necessities like toilet paper
· create space to allow you to design and decorate your bathroom with modern designs and features
· help you take advantage of the vertical space through clever use of shelving

So let’s get to some of the amazing space saving tips for your small bathroom we have in store, so you can get to renovating asap!

Amazing Space Saving tips for your Small Bathroom

1. Purchase the Japan toilet sink- combo

sink positive home page photo bathroom feature perfect for small bathrooms
Sink Positive – saves space and good for the environment too!

The Japan toilet sink-combo is an amazing way to save on space on water and space in your small bathroom. You can either change your toilet cover to a sink positive (a mini tap and basin that fits in place of the rear toilet tank lid) and is very easy to install, or buy a full toilet sink combo and replace your current toilet.

2. Turn your small bathroom into a wet room

Wet rooms are becoming more and more in fashion, with their space saving bonus and fluid modern feel, and you can even now get minimal and elegant glass partitions to keep some of the water within the showering area. Wet rooms simply mean having your toilet, shower and other bathroom facilities in one open space, which means you save space on bathroom features. This means you can have toilets sinks and showers closer together and maximise every inch! This space design will require you to implement tiles and add a drain outlet to keep water out of the other rooms.

3. Take advantage of the vertical space

Use higher shelves to put all your accessories! This includes towels, racks, razor blades, toilet paper, make up and any toiletries. For instance, you can fit hooked shelving to the sides of vanity cabinets, sliding shelving to the tops of cupboards or buy clean white storage boxes to slip underneath bathroom cabinets for extra storage.

4. Use a narrow sink

Use a narrow floating sink and install a small cabinet underneath it to hide the pipes.

5. Hook a hanging basket on the back of the bathroom door

Utilise the back of your door for all sorts of storage! You can buy wood, wicker or metal baskets to hang on the back of your door to keep accessories and toiletries tucked away and tidy – and at a handy height!

6. Purchase a tank-less toilet

A tank-less toilet model is another awesome way to free up some space in small bathrooms. These can be incredibly small but take a little more work to install since the tank usually has to be embedded in the wall – but the extra work is definitely worth it for the space you save!

Whilst you bathroom might be small, it doesn’t mean it has to be impractical or cluttered. Use the above amazing tips to maximise your bathroom space and see how much you space you can save!

Want to find out more about the space-saving bathroom features and options we offer? Get in touch with our team of bathroom designers and installers today!