modern coloured bathroom suite with ornate tile floor and avocado green wood sink cabinets

Coloured bathroom suites are back in fashion!

It wasn’t long ago that a 50’s or 60’s coloured bathroom suite could break a deal when it came to buying a house. The prospect of having to replace the entire suite to bring a bathroom up to date was often too big a job for many prospective buyers.

Whilst retro styles have become hugely popular everywhere else when it comes to interior design, many people have still favoured the modern cleanness of a white suite for their bathroom – opting only for the character of a Victorian style bathroom if they wanted to continue a sense of times gone by through the entire house.

But times are changing – people are no longer so desperate to get rid of the classic 1960’s suite that was once thought to be a design abomination. Why? Vintage style and cool retro coloured bathroom suites are back in fashion!

Big, block colours are back, bold and beautiful as ever, and we’ve pulled together some of the amazing designs we’ve seen across the net to help give you some bathroom inspiration – and see for yourself how coloured suites can work in the modern age.

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small bathroom design idea functional and beautiful!

Gorgeous design ideas for small bathroom suites

Every bathroom is unique in its style and reflects the lifestyle of the person who uses it. If your bathroom design doesn’t match up with you and your style, it is time for a change!

No matter how small your bathroom is, you can find the perfect design which makes it look and feel awesome; a place you want to greet you every morning and night. But before you get straight to the action, you need a plan. This plan should consider some simple aspects related to functionality, storage capacity, creativity, and cost feasibility. So let’s get started!

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